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I conducted a workshop this past week for seven teachers who wanted to build an online learning center out of their classroom web site. Here is the result of their work:

Prior to us populating their learning centers, I showed them the revised Did You Know You Tube  video that Dr. Scott McLeod and Karl Fisch put together.  You can see it below.  I was looking for reactions -not to spark interest in technology, but to see how they felt as humans living in the US.  I had a few tears because two of the ladies had kids and my foreign language teacher friend, who is 22, said that we should not worry because she visited China and said that there might be really smart people over there, but there are so many internal problems that they had to face – that we had nothing to worry about – not sure if I buy that.

My only comment – we need to stop thinking that the United States has to be the best.  We need to realize that we are part of a global community and that we, as individuals, should  compete with other individuals because that is what we can control.  I think we need to embrace ISTE’s new standards as teachers – see my post on the 20 things kids need to be able to do.

What do you think?

If you have not seen the video, here it is:

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3 thoughts on “Did You Know Reactions

  1. I was riveted by the facts in the video. I was also a bit scared. After all, if computers will be smarter than humans, won’t the unemployment levels continue to skyrocket? I plan on showing this to everyone I know.

  2. That was a pretty eye-opening film. I realized I had no idea how much of an effect technology has on our world and our students today. It only makes me wonder what is in store for students say 25 years from now!

  3. It’s amazing how much technology has changed the world and how it will continue to be. I knew it was important for students to learn technology but this was an eye opener of how important. As teachers we need to stay on top of technology as much as we can to prepare our students for endless possibilites. I agree with Chris Tepas – what is in store for our students 25 years from now?

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